Pension & Investments

We’ve been helping regular folk with their pension requirements for over 30 years and it is what we do the best. Pension planning is one of the most overlooked financial commitments and yet is one of the most important financial investments you’ll ever make in your life.

Many people spend a large portion of their life investing in a pension without really understanding what they are investing in, or if what they have is the best for them. We take a holistic approach and will help you align your investments with your personal goals and what you hope to achieve in later life.

Get professional and regulated advice

If you need pension advice or you’d like us to review your current pension arrangements then please contact the team at Calvert & Henderson us for a no obligation review and personal one-to-one advice.

Find your lost or missing pension

It is estimated that billions of pounds in UK tax payer’s pension and retirement investments are either lost, missing or dormant due to millions of people who lose track of their pension and investments throughout their career lifetime, moving home and changing employers. If you have lost a pension and you don’t know how to find what investments and how much they may be worth then we can help.

Get Help Finding a lost pension scheme