Are you looking to sell your house fast?

If you are in need of a quick house sale then we have teamed up with nationwide fast house buyers Ask Susan to provide a fast and easy house sale solution. They want to buy any type of house anywhere in the UK for cash quickly. All types of property are considered and in any type of condition or location in the UK.

Susan Jones and her team of property buyers have been purchasing property for over 8 years and are only a handful of genuine cash buyers who can complete on a property sale within just a matter of days and not months.

Why sell your house to a cash buyer?

If you own a property that is struggling to sell via an estate agent, or you own a house that requires extensive modernisation or works then selling to a cash buyer may be the ideal solution. Unlike dealing with a regular buyer, there is no finance or mortgage requirements, this means that there aren’t the delays and hold ups usually associated with a regular house sale.

How can they help you?

  • A fast and discreet house sale service
  • A genuine cash buyer who can buy fast for cash
  • They can buy your house quickly for cash in a matter of days
  • Help if you want to sell and then rent back your home
  • Assistance with house repossession
  • A professional service
  • A guaranteed fast house sale
  • No selling fees or legal fees to pay whatsoever

How do I sell my house and what is the process?

In the first instance please contact the office at Calvert & Henderson and they will discuss your fast house sale needs and discuss your existing mortgage commitments and any outstanding debts you may have. They will then contact the house buying team and will be able to provide you with a guaranteed quote to buy your house quickly within 7-10 days or within a sale time frame that meets your requirements.

A genuine cash price to buy your property quickly

The house sale quote they provide you with will be 10-15% lower than the current market valuation and will be a trade price to achieve a quick and guaranteed sale. The cash price you are quoted will be a guaranteed price and will remain valid for 30 days in which you have this time to decide if you would like to sell your house for the offered price.